Brands May 17, 2017

From Plants to Package, How ZOOTS Goes Beyond the Brownie

Though ZOOTS is one of the oldest and most-well known edibles companies in Washington (thanks to their tried-and-true original product, the caramel brownie), in many ways, this industry giant has a mom-and-pop feel wrapped-up in sophisticated and chic child-proof packaging. It balances its steadfast dedication to consistency and quality with the love and care that can only come from a dedicated in-house team of bakers, growers, and extraction specialists that hand-craft and oversee every product from seedling to shipment.

We’re really proud of our processes and the care and consistency that that goes into making each of our products,” said Autumn Best, the Sales Manager for ZOOTS in Washington. “We see ourselves as a premium food manufacturer with one extra special ingredient, our signature Cypress THC Extract.”

The indoor grow at ZOOTS’ Washington facility.

For instance, everything at ZOOTS is “plant to package,” meaning all of the marijuana in their products comes from their in-house grow. Many companies of their size will outsource trim, but at ZOOTS, they have an entire team dedicated to growing, trimming, and extracting oils from the marijuana flower. Emily Skrobecki, the company’s chemical engineer, explained to us why their proprietary Cypress Extraction Method is key for consistency. “There are two main reasons why we shine the spotlight on Cypress for maintaining batch-to-batch consistency, and those reasons are viscosity and standardized potency. Our THC extract in ethanol has a specific viscosity that allows great homogenization throughout all our products, whether it is hard candies, baked goods or liquid infusions. Our extract is also standardized to one working potency, which allows us to keep all formulations consistent between batches.”

With such consistent sizes and professional packaging, it might be hard to believe that ZOOTS’ products are handmade in small batches. In fact, during a tour of the ZOOTS facility, you’ll meet the talented team as they pour the ZOOTRock mixture into their signature silicone “Z” molds or the bakers as they whip up a batch of brownies and put them into industrial ovens. Sure, they may be ZOOT-suited per Good Manufacturing Practices (a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards), but behind the white suits and goggles, they express the love they have for the products through their attention to detail in baking each batch.

“We see ourselves as a premium food manufacturer with one extra special ingredient, our signature Cypress THC Extract.” – Autumn Best, Sales Manager at ZOOTS

Though ZOOTS’ flagship product, the ZOOTBites, is still a fan favorite, the company has since expanded its offerings to serve a wide range of consumers, from those looking to dip their toe in the edible pond to the most passionate of ZOOTers. Their ZOOTROCKS and ZOOTDROPS are great for microdosing, building up from a small 5mg to greater levels of ZOOT-ed bliss. Consumers can also pick a product based on the high they’re looking for: whether it’s an uppity and clear-headed high from the yerba mate and guarana-infused ZOOTBLAST, or the chill, sensual vibes after popping a sweet lemongrass or spicy cinnamon ZOOTROCK (or two or three). Plus, more than half their line is gluten free! One third of ZOOTS products are sugar free, gluten free, vegan, and 100% hipster approved.

As far as what’s next for ZOOTS, the company seeks to become a national brand. It launched in Colorado in early 2016 and is now carried in 181 retailers in the state. We feel that we have a very unique skill set and brand that enables us to bring high quality and trusted edible products to the consumer,” Dan Devlin, Co-Founder and Zootologist, said. “Our goal is to produce ZOOTS products in all states where adult use cannabis products are legal.”

Interested in carrying ZOOTS in your retail store? Shop or sample their wholesale products on LeafLink Washington or LeafLink Colorado.