Brands May 25, 2017

Perfecting the Microdose with She Don’t Know Snacks

She Don’t Know is a Portland, Oregon based licensed marijuana edibles company, well-known for their perfectly dosed, perfectly discreet, bite-sized Chocolate Chip Cookies and Tokeless B. Coconut bites. CEO Jill Trinchero gets asked about the name quite often. “It seems like everyone has the answers but who really knows,” says Jill. The phrase  ‘she don’t know,’ speaks to that. “It is what it is. It’s dismissive, it’s familiar, it sticks with people. People say they think it’s funny, and fun, and different.”

She Don’t Know Snacks, (also known as SDK) started distributing medical edibles in late 2015, before licensing in Oregon by the OLCC changed. Right on time for the new year, on December 30th, 2016, SDK received their OLCC License. With all other licenses already in place, SDK started afresh on January 1, 2017 as a recreational edibles company. The SDK team keeps it “close to home with a tight knit crew of 5 or so that includes close family members.”

“It is what it is. It’s dismissive, it’s familiar, it sticks with people. People say they think it’s funny, and fun, and different.”

Chocolate Chip Cannabis Cookies – Courtesy of SDK Instagram

All SDK snacks are scratch-made in the SDK kitchens. She Don’t Know produces two yummy edibles, the Chocolate Chip Cannabis Cookie and the Tokeless B. Coconut, both of which are gluten-free and contain only 5mg THC per bite (considered a single-serving by the OLCC.)  “We hand weigh every single cookie, we add five chocolate chips to each cookie by hand, package by hand. It really is a handmade, homemade, scratch-made product.” The vegan, raw, and gluten-free Tokeless B. Coconut is a fruit and nut bite truly “in a class of its own.”

The decision to make each snack with a “microdose” of THC was simple: “A lot of  people can handle 5mg, but for some the effects of 10[mg THC] can be too much. And half of a cookie? People don’t eat half of a cookie.” 5mg THC was determined by the OLCC as being a safe amount of THC for everyone. SDK’s clientele, who are adult-use clients, or as Jill describes them, “responsible people who care about what goes into their bodies and usually want to keep their wits about them.” She adds, “Many of us enjoy the effects of a very low dose.”

“Half a cookie? People don’t eat half a cookie.”

The dosage of SDK’s snacks is garnered towards adults much in the way that the company’s branding is. SDK’s marketing is owed much in part to Creative Director Geoffrey Abraham, who is with Portland-based brand messaging and creative studio Self Worldwide. “[Geoffrey] is a friend and makes himself available to help me and has done an excellent job. He is amazing.”

Geoffrey and Jill were determined to guide the design of the brand in a way which was unattractive to minors. Due to the strict guidelines laid out by the OLCC in terms of cannabis product design and packaging, the SDK brand “was designed to be unappealing to children.” As mother to two daughters, it was important to Jill to have packaging that was not attractive  to children. “I feel very strongly about cannabis products staying out of the hands of kids.”

Tokeless B. Coconut – Courtesy of SDK Instagram

In terms of what’s next for this Portland-based brand, Jill and the SDK team are super excited to launch three new products on the Oregon market shortly. “I think what we have coming soon will really fill a niche in the marketplace, and will be well-received.” When asked if SDK has any plans to expand to other states in the near future, Jill says, “I would hope to, I would love to!”