Tech Feb 23, 2016

Medical Marijuana, Delivered: Californians Get Cannabis Without Leaving The Couch

In California, where medical marijuana is legal and abundant, it’s fitting that there would be serious delivery service to deliver product directly to medical marijuana cardholders. The best in the business, if you ask anyone, is Dave Roehr-Gittleson’s collective, Sativa Caveman. “My wife and I are equal partners,” he said of the start of his company. “We provide a wide variety of MMJ products to legal prop 215 cardholders statewide in California. Members are verified, and then order through the website.” To people outside of California’s legal bubble, this sounds too good to be true, but indeed, “every order shows up by private courier the next day before noon.”  

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 1.31.42 PM.pngThe impetus for Roehr-Gittleson’s business was the major hole he saw in medical marijuana’s accessibility statewide. “Our plan and reason for doing it the way we do is to make the medicine more accessible regardless of location within the state,” he said. He built their business on variety, offering accessories, edibles, pre-rolls, vape pens, and more through on the Sativa Caveman website. The also make sure that popular brands are in stock, with some of their more recognizable names being Eureka, G Farma labs, Edit Pure and Honey Vape.

Of course, their site also hosts “discretion” products, such as lubricant and transdermal patches. “I have heard of so many strange products at this point, that nothing surprises me,” he said. “Every kind of edible, drink, topical and transdermal” exists on their site, and they succeed in delivering these to the customer both privately and discreetly. This, Roehr-Gittleson said, is what sets Sativa Caveman apart from the many other delivery services in California: “We set ourselves apart merely by the fact that we offer online ordering and private courier delivery, which most of the competition does not offer.”

In his opinion, the industry generally lacks this kind of dedication to professionalism and standards. “We offer a high level of professionalism, courtesy, and a wide variety of products,” he said, adding that “that’s what’s guaranteed to make the customer happy.” Making the customer happy can be tough in an online sector where the demographic is unseen, but it also allows their customer base to be expansive: “I see our market as anyone who holds a proposition 215 medical recommendation. The demographic is definitely expanding, and we see people as young as 21 all the way up into their 80’s at the current moment.”

In the future, Dave hopes that Sativa Caveman will be “running well by a staff which excludes the founders, almost on autopilot so to say. I see my wife and myself —our founders—working on larger projects and offering more education across the country as laws change.” He wants to be able to remove the stigma that “remains very strong east and in the more conservative areas” throughout our country. All in all, Dave hopes to always be able to “share the love, satisfy customers, and spread the knowledge to people who don’t already have it.”