Brands May 02, 2018

Feature Highlight: Reserved Inventory Report

Monitor the number of reserved units in your inventory.

View a consolidated report of your Reserved Inventory SKUs

As a brand using LeafLink, you have access to a number of reports in LeafLink’s CRM that can help you track inventory. When a retailer places an order, LeafLink “reserves” that amount of inventory until the order has been fulfilled or rejected.

For more visibility into your currently available inventory, we made a few updates to the Reserved Inventory Report.

Previously, you could only see reserved inventory by clicking through all your orders. The Reserved Inventory Report allows you to drill into any SKU and see which orders/buyers are “reserving” inventory, allowing you to keep closer track of your inventory and make sure inventory counts are always accurate.

How to access the Reserved Inventory Report

1. Navigate to Reports using the menu on the left

2. Select the Reserved Inventory Report

Reserved Inventory Report Overview

Once you’re in the Reserved Inventory report, you’ll be able to view:

  • Product
  • SKU
  • NEW Reserved Order Count (Number of buyers for reserved inventory)
  • Inventory (Total number of units)
  • Quantity Reserved (Number of reserved inventory units that have not yet been fulfilled)
  • Quantity Available (Number of units available)

New Features: Reserved Order Count & Reserved Order Report Page

Once you’re in the Reserved Inventory Report, select a blue number under the Reserved Order Count column.


You’ll be redirected to the Reserved Orders Report page, which will conveniently display the names of the buyers who placed an order for a specific SKU, as well as the reserved and available quantity for that product.

This feature improvement is useful for Fulfillment Managers and Inventory Managers who need to keep track of shipments and order fulfillment.


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