Brands Apr 25, 2018

Product Update: Introducing the Sales Representative Activity Report

Keep track of sales rep activity in your LeafLink Reports.

Get a high level view of your team’s activity

As a brand using LeafLink’s CRM, you can access a number of reports to monitor your team’s tasks and activities. To give you more visibility into your reps’ outreach we’ve added the Sales Representative Activity Report.

With this report you can:

  • Set the date range to see sales activities for a specific period
  • View a summary of activities by rep, including: Direct Contacts, Emails, Calls, Texts, and more
  • View the total number of activities by rep in the last column
  • Filter by Sales Rep and Customer Status (Lead, Prospect, Closed) to customize the report


How to access the Sales Representative Activity Report

1. Navigate to Reports using the menu on the left

2. Select the Sales Representative Activity Report

3. Set a Date Range at the top of the report

4. Customize the report by selecting Sales Reps and selecting a Customer Status


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