Brands Sep 08, 2016

Nature’s Herbs and Wellness: How Some of Colorado’s Largest Dispensaries Vet Their Products

Nature's Herbs and Wellness

When you walk into any dispensary in Colorado nowadays it isn’t always easy to know if you’re getting the best product for your needs. The staff at Nature’s Herbs and Wellness are committed to making sure their customers don’t need to think about this common problem. They pride themselves on carrying only the best products, and they aren’t afraid to admit that they will stop stocking any that they think aren’t up to par. It’s this commitment to customer experience that has allowed them to grow to four stores in the five years that they have been operating.

Nature's Herbs and Wellness 2How do they ensure that they are offering customers the best products? To start, the team really listens to customer feedback and takes it heavily into consideration. They also test products with their budtenders to ensure that it is something the staff thinks is worth passing along to customers. Adam Gallegos, one of the Product Managers, told me, “We get as many samples as we can and give them out to as many budtenders as we can. And then in a week they have to turn in a survey on how the taste was, how the high was, and [the] dosage.” This helps the team get an idea of the best edibles, concentrates, and topicals to bring into the stores.

Other than this commitment to quality products, Nature’s Herbs and Wellness has set themselves apart by being one of the largest dispensaries in the state. They’ve done so by staying competitive in their pricing and really listening to patients and customers to see what products they enjoy.

By committing to these areas of quality, the store has amassed a clientele that encompasses a wide range of people. They don’t have any one demographic of client, but instead have a wide variety, from hard-working, local people visiting weekly to tourists coming to the stores during their trips to Colorado, especially in the summertime.

The stores in Denver, Garden City, and and Log Lane Village have seen immense growth over the past couple of years, and they don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. The team is very committed to expanding the grow operations and getting more products onto the shelves. They grow all of their products at the four locations, and hope to expand their offerings in these locations as opposed to opening more locations, for the time being.  The team is optimistic that the future their stores and the industry as a whole is a positive one. Adam hopes, “…that other states around us get involved so there are less negative views around marijuana…so that Colorado isn’t viewed as just a pot state.”