Brands Jun 11, 2018

Your Manual Orders Page Has a New Look

You may have noticed the Manual Orders page looks a little different this morning. Well, we have some exciting news: we gave it a makeover based on your feedback! The new version includes key functionality updates as well as a fresh new look.

If you’ve never placed a Manual Order or don’t know what we’re talking about, jump to this section.

Key Updates to Manual Orders

1. Better Filtering – filter by brand and product line, so you can find the product you want quickly

2. Line Item Sorting – change the order of the items in your invoice with easy drag-and-drop functionality, or sort alphabetically with one click

3. Mobile Friendly Interface – so you can add manual orders seamlessly when you’re on the go

4. More Product Information – including images and product IDs, so you’ll never add the wrong product again

New to Manual Orders?

You can use LeafLink for more than just accepting online orders and tracking sales activity through the CRM. If you have clients placing orders via phone or email you can still track them through LeafLink by using Manual Orders so all your sales activity will be in one place.

To add a Manual Order, follow these steps:

1. Select Customers from the left hand menu

2. Use the search bar to find the client who placed an order, and click on the customer name

3. Click the Create Order button at the top right of the customer page

4. Search for products using the search bar and add quantities and pricing

5. Remember to click Create Order at the bottom of the page to add the order to your LeafLink account



We’re happy to help! Contact to learn more about Manual Orders and other features.