Brands Entrepreneurship Feb 22, 2016

For At-Home Edibles, This Cannabutter Machine is Magical

When Garyn Angel decided to leave his job as an award-winning money manager to work on a machine that makes cannabis-infused butter, he hoped his instincts were right. “My wife and my family thought I was a little crazy,” he said.  Luckily, in his first two months of business, Angel sold what he thought was six months of inventory.  Three years later, his Magical Butter machine has now sold over 40,000 units in the U.S., Canada, and Australia and is looking to expand to Europe, Israel, and the U.K. this year.   

all-MB2e-Package2-110V (4)The Magical Butter machine is a “botanical extractor” that infuses butters, oils, grains and other substances with herbs.  While the machine can be used for a variety of herbs, it is popular among cannabis users for creating marijuana-infused butters, oils, and tinctures, which can be used to make edibles.  

Angel thought of the idea for the machine when his friend wanted to treat his Crohn’s disease with marijuana, but could not inhale the drug for medical reasons.  Making cannabis infusions was traditionally a tedious process with hours of stirring over a stove, while regulating the mixture’s temperature.  The Magical Butter machine simplifies the process by allowing customers to simply add the ingredients, press two buttons, and walk away.

The element of Magical Butter that excites Angel most is that it offers an at-home treatment method for people like his friend who struggle with illnesses.  “There’s a patient empowerment that comes with cannabis – it’s a plant that they can grow.”  He believes that legalization of marijuana will disrupt the pharmaceutical space by bringing new, clinically proven cannabis-based nutraceuticals to the market.


Garyn Angel, Founder & CEO of Magical Butter

Angel said that the key to Magical Butter’s success is the grassroots support that it has
received from the cannabis “family”.  For example, the
Magical Butter Users United Facebook group has over 9,000 members who post daily recipe ideas, questions, and proud pictures of their Magical Butter creations.   “The cannabis community in general is a warm family.  If you look within the different brands in the industry, people really associate with them.  The cannabis community as a whole is what built our company.”

So, what are the Magical Butter community’s favorite recipes?  “Gummy bears are probably the customer favorite,” Angel told us.  “When you can convert cannabis into an edible form, the only limitation is your imagination – so we’ve gotten to see it all and have gotten to try it all.”  A quick online search for Magical Butter recipes shows pictures of cannabutter strawberry and banana pancakes, cannabis toothpaste, infused chocolate strawberries, cannabis balm, cream of cannabis soup and chicken “pot” pie.  “If you can name a food that you can infuse with cannabis, either we’ve done it or a customer’s done it.”