Brands May 30, 2017

Joining the Squib Squad with Lunchbox Alchemy

LunchBox Alchemy hit the ground running in 2014 as a producer of cannabis-infused edibles and has since expanded to high-quality extracts and branded merchandise sold across the state of Oregon. This May, LeafLink corresponded with Holly Weig, Sales Manager at Lunchbox Alchemy, to learn more about how Lunchbox’s award-winning branding has helped make a name for Lunchbox’s extracts and edibles on the Oregon cannabis market.

From Chemists to Alchemists

Photo Courtesy of Tyler Rowe

Lunchbox Alchemy actually began as “Lunchbox Chemistry,” but swiftly changed their name after just one day. Alchemy, according to Carlos Perez, Design Director, was a more “mythical” sounding name that evoked feelings of “science mixed with madness.” The naming process for Lunchbox Alchemy was an exercise in originality. “We searched for names that did not evoke thoughts of anything else. We also wanted something that was not cannabis-related,” says Cameron Yee, Owner and Founder. After landing on Lunchbox Alchemy, the company quickly began solidifying their reputation in the Oregon edibles market, becoming one of the most well-known brands in the state.

Part of Lunchbox Alchemy’s success has been its impactful marketing and branding, which it has mastered in just a few short years. From 2015-2017, Lunchbox’s products were recognized by the Dope Industry Awards when they received Best Savory Edible (2015), Best Edible Company (2016-2017), and Best Shatter – Lime Apollo (2016). Lunchbox was recognized for more than just their products, however, when in 2016-2017 they received the Dope Industry Award for Best Branding and Marketing.

Strawberry Squib 50mg Recreational Photo Courtesy of Tyler Rowe

One facet of Lunchbox’s branding that stood out to us personally is Lunchbox Alchemy’s logo. It’s fresh, modern, and owed to Lunchbox’s Design Director. “All of our creative is done in-house under the guidance of our Design Director, Carlos A. Perez. He’s been with Lunchbox from the start and designed the logo to reflect our crafting of cannabis through science and art.” The logo is an “homage to the alchemy symbolism of days past with a visual nod to how you may feel about 60 minutes after popping a Squib” (Lunchbox’s flagship edible).

Just like their name, the uniqueness of Lunchbox’s branding exists in its rejection of stereotypical cannabis imagery. The branding “doesn’t evoke anything that is typically related to cannabis. It’s not green, or black, or rasta striped. It doesn’t have a leaf, or vegetation of any kind. It’s bright pink, and it’s loud, yet clean, and simple.”

Inside the Lunchbox

Of course, branding is only one element of what makes a cannabis company like Lunchbox Alchemy stand out; superior products have been vital to the brand’s success. Their most well-known edible is the Squib: “a fruity, cannabis-infused soft chew,” that comes in yummy flavors like grapefruit, pineapple, cherry, and green apple.

Pile of Squibs Photo Courtesy of Tyler Rowe

What makes the Squib so popular among consumers is the reputation the edible has garnered in terms of accurate and reliable THC dosage. “The Squib has become a meter for accurate dosing. We’ve heard so many people tell us they use the Squib to gauge how many milligrams are appropriate for them, and that is a true testament to how consistent our products are.”

Lovers of the Squib, affectionately known as the Squib Squad, enjoy “Squibbing,” a term cleverly monikered by Lunchbox as “the act of eating and feeling the effects of a Squib; ex: Squibbing in the sea of mellow moods and alleviated ailments.” As popular as the Squibs are, however, Holly’s personal favorite edible are Lunchbox’s coconut macaroons. “It’s hard not to eat the whole pack at once!”

Squib Photo Courtesy of Tyler Rowe

Though Lunchbox Alchemy got their start with edibles, they have taken the company to the next level with their expansion into the concentrates market: a step which, according to Holly, “allowed us to separate really high-quality products and use them in a more fully raw, beautiful form.”

Both BHO and PHO extraction methods are used to craft Lunchbox Alchemy’s shatter, sugar wax, and live resin concentrates. In addition to concentrates, Lunchbox features a line of vape pens and cartridges (“Ballistics”) and 10mg THC and CBD capsules (“Ammo”).

BHO extraction methods, are more “widely recognized,” and Lunchbox’s BHO extraction process “utilizes state-of-the-art closed loop systems, filled with medical-grade butane that has been filtered and distilled twice.” Producing consistently-dosed products is very important to Lunchbox Alchemy, and this is made clear by their dedication to filtering and distilling twice in-house “to ensure the utmost purity.”

With the transition from a medical only market to one that includes recreational users, the company is now “catering to a whole new audience,” although Holly maintains that medical patients remain Lunchbox’s “true customers.”  “We have met dozens of people that rely on our products to keep them away from opioids and addictive drugs, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety meds, and so many more. We are continually humbled by the impact our products have had on our customer’s lives. Whether they are small children looking to stave off seizures, or elderly folks just looking for some pain relief and a good night’s sleep.” Lunchbox believes in the healing power of their products, and are proud of what they’ve been able to accomplish for their medical and adult-use patients, alike.

Shatter Photo Courtesy of Tyler Rowe


Like any start-up in the cannabis industry, Lunchbox has faced their fair share of obstacles. Dealing with “an entirely new industry, and many legislative changes” isn’t easy, to say the least. As a result, Lunchbox has learned “to think on [their] feet in a whole new way,” in addition to “the true meaning of flexibility and how to roll with the punches.”

PHO Macro Photo Courtesy of Tyler Rowe

Having fully penetrated the Oregon market, with products sold in dispensary locations across the state, Lunchbox has their sight set on new markets, with plans to implement their existing model (proven to be very successful), in new states. “We will take our same model into many new channels. Quality over quantity, all the time. Look out California, here we come!”

Additionally, Lunchbox is excited to announce the construction of a new building they’ve designed, which will be complete in Fall 2017. “It’s going to allow us rapid expansion, and the ability to grow our product line to be even more of a lifestyle brand in the recreational market.”