Brands Aug 30, 2017

Growing Happiness with Khush Kush

Khush Kush is a family-owned and operated i502 producer-processor located in Bellingham, Washington, and bases its business and operations around one highly-relatable value: happiness.

“Khush” translates to “happy” in Hindi or Punjabi, and according to Sunny Saini, Khush Kush’s Owner, “it made perfect sense to have a play on words and a cultural reference” in the name of their operation.

A Family Affair

Sunny’s extended family live and work in India and have roots in the farming sector, however, had never grown cannabis. With no former knowledge of the plant (before starting Khush Kush, Sunny was living in Connecticut and working for ESPN), kick-starting Khush Kush’s operations was a challenge overcome through meticulous research on the crop, the industry’s climate and regulation, as well as “learning new and efficient ways to feed our plants.”

According to Sunny, “not knowing anything about the cannabis plant and trying to be a cannabis plant business owner is like trying to be software engineer and not knowing anything about computers. You have to learn fast, on the job.” 

And learn fast, they did! Sunny and his father / business partner received their license to grow and sell in April of 2016, however, they didn’t officially hit the market until August 2016. In just the past year, the Saini’s have achieved a great deal, with their flower selling in dispensaries across Washington State, features in Seattle Magazine and Marijuana Venture Plus, and a Dope Cup award-winning strain.  

Stand-Out Strains

What makes Khush Kush so unique is their highly specified strain selection. Having narrowed down their flower selection from 50 to 15 strains, Khush Kush’s selection sets them apart from the competition. “That’s what separates us – we’re not just putting out the same material.”  

When it comes to the strains themselves, Khush Kush isn’t growing your run-of-the-mill Durban Poison or Blue Dream strains. Instead, they have a plethora of strains that are unique to their grow, that no one else in the world is cultivating. “When people try our stuff, they say ‘Wow I never thought this combination would work, but it does!’”

One of Khush Kush’s best-selling strains is called Wonderkid, a completely original flower composited from 6 different strains. “Basically, our crazy scientist grower went in a room, put 6 different plants together, breeded them, got a couple seeds out of them, and that’s what got us the Wonderkid!”

Khush Kush is proud to say that no one else in Washington state has their genetics. Khush Kush seeds are the result of crosses between other strains, making their catalog uncommon and distinguishable from their competition. The strain Brandywine won for best Indica at the 2017 Dope Cup in Washington, and the White Grape Stomper is their signature “nighty night” strain.

A Sustainable Future

Their distinct catalog of strains isn’t the only thing that helps Khush Kush to stand out among competition. Sustainable farming practices are, according to Sunny, “Very important to us.”

Currently, there are over 100 different pesticides approved for use in Washington State – and Khush Kush doesn’t use a single one. “There are pesticides approved by the state agricultural department, but we still limit the usage because we just don’t want it in our flower. We want a clean product. People can really taste the product – not pesticides that have gone into it.”

In addition to refraining from using pesticides, Khush Kush’s facility uses double-ended lighting to grow flower and reduce electricity usage, as well as an automated plant watering system. “The water use for such a big facility is actually pretty low. I don’t want to waste water. That’s something that we take pride in, that we are able to keep our water use down.” Khush Kush’s average bill is $400 a month for water;  incredible considering they have over 5,000 plants in the building at any given time.

A Future Filled with Happiness

With a business based around a philosophy of happiness, we were naturally curious to learn: What makes Sunny Saini happy? (Other than bringing his quality product to consumers in Washington State, of course).

According to Sunny, “I would say: my family, and working with them. I had a great job before this, but moving home, reconnecting with my parents, and reconnecting with the town I grew up in, brought a calm to my life. I’m in the right position. You’ve got to be doing something that you’re passionate about.”  

The sky’s the limit for licensed businesses in Washington State, and the Saini family is optimistic and impassioned about the future of Khush Kush.  “As a vendor, we want to take the load off [the consumer].  We don’t make mistakes in our orders, we don’t false advertise. We are about honesty and openness.”

It’s clear, Khush Kush is about long-term relationships, not one-time transactions. “We want to build relationships. Whoever reads this should know that they can trust Khush Kush 100%, and everything we say we can back it up.”

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