Brands May 10, 2018

Feature Highlight: Partial Payments

Mark your orders as paid on LeafLink. 

Mark Orders as Paid on LeafLink

LeafLink is a great tool for keeping track of all your wholesale orders, as well as the order’s status. However, we understand buyers don’t always pay for their orders in full, which can be difficult to keep track of.

That’s why we’ve introduced a new functionality to let you keep a more comprehensive history of the paid status of your orders, and buyers who use partial payments.

To track payments on your orders in LeafLink, enable the Show Mark as Paid setting in Settings > Manage Profile.

Then, when a buyer places an order for your brand on LeafLink, the order and its payment status will display under the Orders Received tab within your dashboard.

Where To View Your Orders on LeafLink

1. Navigate to Orders Received using the menu on the left. (You must have Mark as Paid enabled under Settings > Manage Profile to be able to mark orders as “partially paid” and “paid.”)

2. Under the Orders Received tab, you will be able to view your orders placed through LeafLink.

If a buyer places an order for your brand on LeafLink, and you have not marked the order as paid, the total order amount will be displayed in redIf and when a buyer makes a partial payment, (i.e. has not yet paid the full amount due), you can mark the amount partially paid, and the remaining balance will be displayed in red.

The total amount of the order will always be shown on the right-hand side of the line item.

How to Record a Partial Payment 

There are two ways to mark an order as paid, as well as record a partial payment.

The first way is to click into the red number listed under Paid? within the Orders Received queue. This will prompt the Mark Order as Paid pop-up to appear. In this pop-up, you can mark as paid in full, or record a partial payment.

  • If the order has been paid in full, check the box This order was paid in full, and enter the corresponding payment date before clicking Confirm.
  • If the payment was not made in full, you can record the date that a partial payment was made by the buyer in the box Amount Paid and also enter the date of the transaction.

Once the order has been paid in full, a green dollar sign will appear!

Another way you can view the Mark Order as Paid pop-up, is to navigate to the ellipsis to the left of the order status, and expand. Choose View.

You’ll be redirected to the Order Summary page. Select the Actions drop down at the top of the page, and choose Mark As Paid. 

The pop-up will appear, and you can follow the same procedure outlined above.


We’re here to help. Contact to learn more about partial payments.