Brands Sep 28, 2016

Family-Owned Nature’s Gift Shop Brings Its Caregiver Roots to Retail

Nature’s Gift Shop calls themselves “Pueblo’s Best Marijuana”, and according to reviews across WeedMaps, Google, and Leafly, many of their customers agree. Their “down to earth staff”, organic, contaminant free strains, and “awesome selection” make them one of the go-to dispensaries in Southern Colorado (plus, their “prices are just right”).

The company got its start with Dan Irey, who became a caregiver in 2008. He spent years perfecting the craft of growing marijuana as medicine, and after providing medicine to his first cancer patient, he pursued launching a dispensary in various places, ultimately settling on a warehouse in Pueblo. Then, in February 2015, Dan, and his wife, Susan, opened Nature’s Gift Shop in Pueblo West with the help of current COO, Adam Kenyon. They worked hard to ensure that Nature’s Gift Shop became the store it is today.  While the store is retail only, the mission is the same: helping customers heal through medical-grade cannabis in a welcoming retail environment.

Like most dispensaries in Colorado, the biggest challenge Nature’s Gift Shop has faced is the constantly changing compliance regulations – but Ashley Irey, the daughter of the founders, pointed out that beyond that, the store constantly weighs their cannabis-focused mission against the need to grow their bottom line. Irey explained that their business-oriented management style is the reason for the store’s success. She says that while you might think of their store as a “mom and pop” shop, Nature’s Gift Shop actually has many systems in place, such as inventory tracking systems, that ensure the store is financially sound – especially since they are so committed to offering the best pricing to their customers.

Nature's Gift Shop Storefront

That’s not to say that Nature’s Gift Shop doesn’t have the warm, welcoming feeling of a family-owned business. They are committed to customer service, offering a 100% money back guarantee to their customers. They are selective about who they hire, driving an open, honest, and approachable atmosphere that brings in clients from all walks of life, from tourists passing through Pueblo to loyal local seniors. While Dan, Susan, and Ashley are the only Ireys working in the shop, Ashley said, “it’s just us three, but the entire staff has become a part of the family.”  Perhaps that’s why the store feels so “bright, open and inviting” to anyone who walks in.

What’s next for Nature’s Gift Shop? Irey says her family dreams of expanding the business as the industry grows and would love to become a national brand. In the meantime, though, the store is focused on giving back to the Pueblo West community, whether through donations towards local community support, food drives for Southern Colorado food banks, or servicing medical refugees who seek access to their medicine for seizures and PTSD.