Brands Entrepreneurship May 24, 2016

Eureka Vapor Brings Its Award-Winning Cannabis Oils to Colorado

If legal marijuana is a new industry in the United States, CO2 oil is even newer. The product, which is a cannabis concentrate produced by supercritical fluid extraction, only came onto the market in the last few years.  This makes
Eureka Vapor’s co-founders, a duo of brothers based in the company’s namesake city in California, CO2 oil “veterans” – even though they’ve only been producing it since 2011.  “We started in CO2 when it was still a myth,” the co-founder, D.J., explained.  “We figured out the process through a lot of trial and error.  Today, you can go on Youtube and figure out how to do this stuff to an extent, but back then, there was no information out there”.

13102580_205847026474864_1127435658_nThe California-based company, whose products won Hempcon in 2015 and placed second in 2016, is now hoping to replicate its success in the Colorado market.  About a year and a half ago, the company purchased a dual Marijuana Infused Product (MIP) license.  After building its licensing operation, Eureka Vapor Colorado will roll out its products in the state in June 2016.  While the company was limited to selling their products in medical stores in California, it will now be able to sell its 500mg cartridges and refills to patients and adults.

Eureka Vapor believes the quality of its oils will differentiate itself from the current market leaders in Colorado. The co-founder explained that most of its competitors are cutting their oil with high quantities of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol (PG), which has similar characteristics to automotive antifreeze and can distort the flavor of the vapor.  In efforts to increase profit, some brands use up to three parts PG to one part cannabis oil, which not only makes it difficult to patients to get properly medicated, but also may cause health concerns.

20160520_123821Eureka Vapor, on the other hand, does not cut its oils at all in the California market.  In Colorado, the arid climate and high altitudes mandate the addition of “the smallest possible percentage” of terpenes, some of which are derived from the cannabis plant.  The result? The company’s cartridges have 50-75% THC by volume, with it’s Clear line reaching percentages of up to eighty percent. 

Aside from the high concentration of its oils, the team at Eureka Vapor is careful to only partner with the best growers who produce high quality marijuana with safe agricultural practices.  Plus, Eureka Vapor removes potential contaminants, like mold or pesticides.  The co-founder told me that it’s his mission to make sure that the company’s products are safe and high quality because, like in most industries, “no one looks out for the little guy”.  Motivated by the patients he has visited in nursing homes and seen purchasing Eureka Vapor products in stores, D.J. feels he owes it to his customers to do due diligence and provide clean, quality products that consumers can trust.

Eureka Vapor will continue to improve its products’ quality by constantly tweaking and testing their technology and process.  “I’m only as good as my staff.  My staff is incredible – they go home and study, read up on it,” D.J. told me.  “In the beginning it was only my brother and I.  They took us to another level”.