Brands Jul 27, 2017

Keeping it in the Family with Dr. Norm’s

Humble Beginnings

What’s more comforting than a chocolate chip cookie baked by someone you love? If you ask Jeff and Roberta Koz Wilson, they’ll tell you: not much. Jeff and Roberta, siblings and co-owners of Dr. Norm’s Cookies, a Southern California-based edibles company, have perfected the fine healing art of cookies, which they affectionately refer to as “chocolate chip therapy.”

Dr. Norms was named after Jeff and Roberta’s father Norman, a “dermatologist and healer” with a “sly sense of humor.” Their mother, Audrey, was a pharmacist by profession but a baker by passion.  She was an “angel in the universe who spread her love through her cookies.” Audrey believed that the best medicine for anything that ails was a great chocolate chip cookie, and perfected her recipe by baking cookies for friends and family “every single day… not an exaggeration.”

After the passing of her mother, Roberta wanted to “fill the void left in the universe” through Audrey’s cookie recipe, and launched Audrey’s Cookies, a non-infused cookie brand. Roberta’s idea to enhance an already amazing cookie recipe with cannabis was spontaneous and unexpected by both siblings. According to Jeff, “One day [Roberta] turned to me and said ‘We should do weed cookies!’” As a result, the basis of Dr. Norm’s cookies is twofold: keeping a family legacy and tradition alive, warm, and filled with chocolate chips, and the outgrowth and infusion of Roberta’s initial business venture, Audrey’s Cookies.

Expanding Audrey’s Cookies

Jeff and Roberta discovered very quickly how well-suited they were to the cannabis industry. Per Roberta, “If you would have told me that I would be working with my brother and working in the weed business, I would have told you you are absolutely crazy! We are not what you think of when you think of people in the weed business.” The Koz siblings’ love for what they do is evident: not only in the way they speak about the inspiration they receive from their parents’ professions, but from others working in the cannabis space.

“What both of us love about this industry is that it is very open, collaborative. The people that you meet are fantastic and really willing to share, and network, and help other people.” There is no doubt the industry thrives on collaboration – and who knows the necessity of collaboration better than siblings? When asked about any challenges faced when working with his sister, Jeff assures, there is no better partner for this business. “With your sibling, there is an unspoken mutual respect already there… our strengths complement each other well.” Perhaps most importantly, the siblings are able to “take things with a sense of humor.”

Microdosing: an Emerging Trend

Dr. Norm’s cookies come in three doses: 5mg, 10mg, and 25mg THC, with a 75mg cookie on the horizon. The 75mg cookie was “born out of the fact there are patients who [consume cannabis]  for medical reasons, build up tolerance over time, and need higher dosage; and they don’t want to break the bank.”

According to Jeff, the smaller dosed cookies were intended “to change the scope… to broaden the market; but what has really happened is there are a lot of newer patients trying our products and taking 5mg-10mg and loving it! In the last 6 months there has been a huge trend towards microdosing.”

The 5, 10 and 25mg cookies are an incredibly delicious option for “lower tolerance patients and for the growing trend of microdosing patients.” Dr. Norm’s cookies have found success with patients suffering from ailments like MS, crooked spines, and Parkinson’s, thereby allowing Jeff and Roberta to keep their parents’ healing legacy alive. Roberta remarks, “It’s so exciting and wonderful to hear about success stories on the medical side.”

Looking Forward

Currently, Dr. Norm’s cookies are available to purchase in dispensaries in Los Angeles and San Diego, but Jeff maintains that they “absolutely” want to expand into Northern California, and that it’s on the “near horizon.” To keep up with a rapidly growing cannabis industry, Jeff and Roberta plan on expanding their sales to other flavors of cookie. “We are at work on a CBD version that will be vegan. It will be a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie.” One thing is for sure: they will continue to honor their mother and father by healing through homemade humor and yummy bite-sized cookies.


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