Brands May 22, 2018

NEW: Add a Standing Discount to a Customer on LeafLink

We’re excited to launch the Customer Discounts feature on LeafLink because we know there can be situations where you have specific pricing for certain customers. This feature allows you to add a percent off discount to a Customer account so that every order from that customer will automatically get the specified discount.

How to Set Up a Customer Discount

  1. Select Customers from your lefthand menu
  2. Choose the customer to which you’d like to add a discount from your customer list
  3. Select Edit Customer at the top right of the customer page
  4. Navigate down to the field that says Discount (%) and enter the percentage discount you’d like to apply to that customer
  5. Remember to Save at the bottom of the page!


Important Things to Know About Customer Discounts

Before you set up a Customer Discount, make sure you’ve read through this list so you understand how the discount will be applied and how it will show up to customers.

  • Customer Discounts can only be percent off – you can’t set a dollar amount off with a Customer Discount
  • If you create a manual order for that customer, the discount field will auto-populate with the Customer Discount you have set, but you can always change it in the order form
  • Customer Discounts apply on top of sale prices and special price schedules
  • Customers who you have set discounts for will be able to see the discount applied on the checkout page
  • You can always edit or remove the discount when an order comes in; the customer will have already seen the discount when they checked out but will be notified of the price change via email


We’re happy to help! Contact to learn more about Customer Discounts and other new features.