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6 Types of High CBD Cannabis Products (Plus, 6 Brands Who Make Them)

Though THC is the most well-known, there are actually more than 60 cannabinoids found in marijuana, each with its own set of healing effects. Other than THC, cannabidiol, or CBD, is the second-most common cannabinoid found in cannabis. It’s known to have many healing properties, preventing and curing seizures, nausea, anxiety, depression, inflammation, and psychosis, and is believed to prevent cancer.

It also balances the psychoactive effects of THC, especially in highly concentrated strains and products, and in fact some high CBD, low THC products have very minimal pyschoactive effects, if at all.

Now that 28 states now have medical marijuana programs, more information and stories about the healing powers of CBD are surfacing, and so many people and patients seek out CBD to treat their ailments. Cannabis brands have responded to this need with an inventive assortment of high CBD products, from bubbly beverages and soothing lotions to terpene-rich high CBD strains and shatter.

Below, we’ve listed six high CBD products from LeafLink’s brands in six categories of cannabis (which we bet you’ll read in less than six minutes!)

1. Edibles: A delicious way to get the CBD you need and the sweets (or savories) you crave.

  1. Highly Edible CBD Therapy Watermelon Pucks from CannaPunch, 10:1 CBD [CO]
  2. CBD Sour Apple Lollipop from Gia’s Garden, 2:1 CBD [CO]
  3. Black Cherry CBD Bar from Incredibles, 1:1 CBD [CO]
  4. CBD 1:1 Seed Mix from Julie’s Natural Edibles1:1 CBD [CO]
  5. CBD Single Serve Chocolate Chip Cookie from Love’s Oven, 10:1 CBD [CO]
  6. 420 Minis CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso from The 4.2o Bar, 1:1 CBD [WA]
4.20 Minis CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso

4.20 Minis CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso

2. Topicals & Tinctures: Topicals are ideal for aches and joint pain, and tinctures can be dropped under the tongue for quick and easy medication.

  1. Synergy CBD Relief Balm from Dixie, 1:1 CBD [CO]
  2. Daytime Defense Sweet Grass Lotion from Koda, 5:1 CBD [WA]
  3. Massage Oil from Mary Jane’s Medicinals4.5:1 CBD [CO]
  4. Rewind Ointment from The Root of It All3:1 CBD [CO]
  5. 3:1 Re-Leaf Tincture from Sweet Mary Jane3:1 CBD [CO]
  6. Restore Tincture in Cinnamon Stick from Lucky Turtle55:1 (>500 mg CBD) [CO]
3:1 Re-Leaf Tincture from Sweet Mary Jane

3:1 Re-Leaf Tincture from Sweet Mary Jane

3. Capsules, Tablets & Pills: Pop one of these for a quick and simple CBD fix.

  1. Super CBD Blueberry Chill Pills from The Growing Kitchen [CO]
  2. Wana Caps XR High CBD from Wana, 10:1 CBD [CO]
  3. Kol’s Smooth Sailing CBD Caps from Winterlife Cannabis1:1 CBD [WA]
  4. 15:1 CBD Tablets from Stratos, 15:1 CBD [CO]
  5. Altus CBD Swallowable Pills 10mg from Lucky Edibles, 20:1 CBD [CO]
  6. High CBD Capsules from The CPC, 10:1 CBD [WA]
High CBD Capsules from The CPC

High CBD Capsules from The CPC

4. Flower: Smoke a high CBD strain for a calming high with reduced psychoactive effects.

  1. Remedy High CBD from High Five Farms, 11.85% CBD [WA]
  2. Reefer Sevens Pre-Roll 7 Pack from Reefer, 16-18% CBD [WA]
  3. Trinity Loaded Pre-Roll (CBD Sativa & CBD Indica) from Trinity30-40% CBD [WA]
  4. .5g Cannatonic Pre-Rolls from Blacksmith Farms, 1:1 [WA]
  5. Blueberry Trainwreck from Lopez & Orr, 1:1 [WA]
  6. One + CBD Critical Mass Pre-Roll (Calm) from Suncliff [WA]
Remedy flower from High Five Farms

Remedy flower from High Five Farms

5. Beverages: Make yourself a CBD cocktail!

  1. Strawberry VitaCanna from Denver Packaging Company, 10:1 CBD [CO]
  2. Strawberry Lemonade from Cannabis Quenchers1:1 CBD [WA]
  3. Legal Cranberry CBD Peace Tonic from Mirth Provisions1:1 CBD [WA]
  4. Ripple Dissolvable THC Packet from Stillwater, 1:1 CBD [CO]
  5. High CBD Black Currant Cosmopolitan Cocktail Spiker from Winterlife Cannabis, 1:1 CBD [WA]
  6. High CBD Lemon Drop Cocktail Spiker from Winterlife Cannabis, 1:1 CBD [WA]
Legal CBD Peace Tonic from Mirth Provisions

Legal CBD Peace Tonic from Mirth Provisions

6. Concentrates: Vape or dab with these high CBD concentrates for a powerfully healing high.

  1. Remedy CBD Shatter from Bolder Extracts, ranges from 5:1 to 1:1 CBD [CO]
  2. 10:1 CBD Pain Management Syringe from Colorado Cannabis Company, 10:1 CBD [CO]
  3. Harmonia Vape Cartridge from IndigoPro, 2:1 CBD [CO]
  4. CBD Cartridge from Infinite Infusions1:1 CBD [CO]
  5. CBD Rich Golden Pineapple 500mg Distillate Cartridge from NuHi Distribution Co.12% CBD [CO]
  6. High CBD Wax from WonderLeaf [CO]
Remedy CBD Shatter from Bolder Extracts

Remedy CBD Shatter from Bolder Extracts

Thank you for joining us for Day 6 of the 4/20 Countdown! Check in tomorrow for Day 5, when we’ll be exploring LeafLink’s medical brands.