B2B Sales Nov 01, 2017

Turning a Cannabis Sample into a Sale

Who doesn’t love a free sample?

Providing free samples of your company’s products is a simple way to expand distribution, introduce clients to new products, and demonstrate a product’s potency and value. Free samples are valuable to a budtender, as they improve his or her product knowledge. This is especially important, since at the end of the day, budtenders are the people selling your product to the consumer.

Distributing samples of your cannabis product can entice a purchasing manager by introducing he or she to new a product line, variety, or flavor. It can strengthen an already established relationship between buyers and sellers by exposing clients to new products, as well as your overall brand.  

For a purchasing manager to request a sample on LeafLink is as easy as a click of a button. So how can you, as a seller, turn this sample request into a sale, and jump on the opportunity to turn a curious shopper into a lifetime customer?

#1 New Brands

Retailers are always looking to entice customers with a constantly improving product selection on their shelves. Often, a retailer will hear about a brand from a customer and see if the product is something they want to start carrying in their store. If a patient recommends a product, a purchasing manager will want their budtenders to sample it before they recommend it to customers.

Pro tip: Provide literature on your brand. Include a postcard, flyer, or note in your shipped package that details your company’s ideals, mission, or values. This gives this potential customer more information about your brand, and where it’s going.

Consider this! Including social media icons or handles on your inserts lets your shopper know where they can engage more online with your brand.

#2 New Products

Often times, a store will repeatedly order the same products because they are ordering from an outdated PDF menu, and eventually stop ordering from your brand altogether. When a store starts ordering from your brand again, most likely, new products have been added to the menu. Allowing for sample requests on your LeafLink menu gives you the opportunity to send samples, swag, new menus, and product information to make sure the store doesn’t drop from ordering from your brand.

Pro tip: If a retailer makes a sample request, use the “Customer Insights” feature in LeafLink’s CRM to offer more targeted samples; you can even turn this into a sample pack!  

Consider this! After a customer requests a sample, navigate to that customer’s profile, and use LeafLink’s “Never Purchased” feature to view which products they’ve yet to try, and send a more targeted sample pack! If it fits into your budget and if it’s allowed within your state, go above and beyond their expectations. This way, budtenders can try multiple new products they haven’t tried, and will be able to better attest to the consistency and reliability of your products’ dosage.

#3 Budtender Education

One of the most common reasons a purchasing manager will request a sample is because they have a new budtender or branch location. Sending a sample to the store ensures that a budtender will be able to provide accurate feedback to customers on the potency, taste, quality, and benefits of a product. You can even consider sending a survey card along with a product for additional budtender feedback so you can improve your product – it’s a win/win!

Pro Tip: Offer Swag! Stickers! Pins! Pens! Everyone loves free swag, and if your swag is logoed, all the easier for you to spread your brand image. Your swag should be professional, fun, and original.

Consider this! Make sure your swag looks good and does its intended job. No one wants a pen that doesn’t write, or a blurry sticker. Think of your swag as collateral to your product.

#4 Variety & Competition

Retailers are constantly searching for products that are going to benefit their consumers and keep them coming back for more. Maybe they’ve never tried a microdosing option and want to jump on the trend for their store, maybe they’ve heard a fair amount of buzz from their customers and want to make sure their store has all the latest products. Sometimes a store will have a medical customer who has built up a tolerance for a certain brand and want to try another option to satisfy the patients needs.

Consider this! Education on a new product is important for your customers to understand that as a brand, you are constantly attempting to improve their experience and experiment with new product varieties, etc.

Consider these steps and start turning interested retailers into dedicated customers. Establish long-lasting relationships and lay a solid foundation for your brand’s image and aesthetic. LeafLink makes it easy for a buyer to request a sample – it’s up to you to make it easy for them to keep coming back for more!


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Images courtesy of  Freepik.com