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9 Unique Cannabis Products You’ve (Probably) Never Tried

Today marks Day #2 of LeafLink’s 10-Day Countdown to 4/20. We continue the countdown today with a compilation of cannabis products you may not have known existed and available for purchase by retailers on LeafLink.

We in the marijuana industry know of cannabis’ potential to take an already legendary product and make it infinitely better (pot brownies, anyone?) We also know that with the legalization of marijuana in states like Colorado, Washington, Nevada, and Oregon, there has been an influx of uniquely original cannabis-infused products available on the market.

In honor of our Countdown to 4/20, Team LeafLink has collated a list of products described using all or one of the following terms: unexpected, offbeat, fabulous, whimsical.

Read on to find out what our favorite “unique” cannabis products are, and where you can order them in order to make this 4/20 the most special one yet!

#1 – Firecracker Savory Edibles by Yield Farms [WA]

Why it’s unique: In a world of pot brownies, cookies, and candies, Yield Farm’s Firecracker offers a savory munching option for those of us who enjoy the snackability of a cheese cracker with a kick of cannabis.
Best suited for: Those who lack a sweet tooth. The salty ladies. The crunch enthusiast.
Try it: Pack a bowl of these cheesy treats and settle in to watch your favorite flick. (Not that kind of bowl. Unless you’re going for a double a feature.)

Get fired up. Shop and sample Firecrackers here.

Firecracker Savory Edibles by Yield Farms

Firecrackers Savory Edibles by Yield Farms

#2 – Organic Cane Sugar by Ruby Sugar [WA]

Why it’s unique: A spoonful of sugar is the medicine at Ruby Sugar. Only two ingredients go into this cannabis product: Organic Cane Sugar and Cannabis Extract. This sugar is all-natural with a low-cannabis flavor and no binders or additives. Sweet!
Best suited for: Those who like their coffee sweet and strong.  The Betty Crockers. The sweet toothed.
Try it: Bake a cake. And yourself. At the same time.

Make life sweeter. Shop and sample Ruby Sugar here.

Organic Cane Sugar by Ruby Sugar

Organic Cane Sugar by Ruby Sugar


#3 – Teriyaki Jerky by Cannabis Queen Jerky [CO]

Why it’s unique: This cannabis infused product is Teriyaki-flavored* free-range bison jerky infused with THC. Need I explain more?
Best suited for: Hikers. Cowboys. Meat lovers. Bison hunters.
Try it: Bring it with you while hiking or backpacking — just remember to bring extra snacks.

*Also available in Hot & Spicy flavor.
Don’t be a jerk. Shop & sample Cannabis Queen Jerky here.

Teriyaki Bison Jerky by Cannbis Queen Jerky

Teriyaki Bison Jerky by Cannbis Queen Jerky

#4 – Faery Floss by Gia’s Garden [CO]

Why it’s unique: This “faery floss” is cotton candy you won’t be finding at any state fair. Extremely flavorful and perfectly potent, this cotton candy looks as sweet as it tastes. Everything you love about cotton candy… but better.
Best suited for: The kids at heart. Faeries. Flossers.
Try it: Faery Floss comes in 4 fun colors. You’ll be seeing rainbows after you try all four.

Embrace your inner faery. Shop & sample Faery Floss here.

Faery Floss (Assorted Flavors) by Gia's Garden

Faery Floss (Assorted Flavors) by Gia’s Garden

#5 – Cannabis Suppositories by KODA [WA]

Why it’s unique: Without being too cheeky, these cannabis infused products are intended to maximize pain relief without inducing a psychotropic high. These muscle relaxants are made from all-natural plant based ingredients and infused with pure and uncut Co2 extracted oil.
Best suited for: Those with tense muscles, in dire need of relaxing.
Try it: No ifs, ands, or buts.

They’re suppositively pain relieving. Shop & sample here.

Cannabis Suppositories by KODA [WA]

Cannabis Suppositories by KODA [WA]

#6 – Caviar by Colorado Cannabis Company [CO]

Why it’s unique: The self-proclaimed “crème de la crème” of Colorado cannabis products, there’s nothing fishy about this Caviar. Highly sampled on LeafLink Colorado, this kief is perfect for rolling into a flower joint, topping off a bowl, or smoking as is.
Best suited for: Those of us who who strive to be high-class. Or high. Or both.
Try it: Caviar is best ingested on a yacht, with a bottle of champagne. If this is not possible, smoke enough Caviar to feel okay with the fact that you’re not on a yacht, and you don’t have a bottle of champagne.

It’s a delicacy. Shop & sample Caviar here.

Caviar by Colorado Cannabis Company

Caviar by Colorado Cannabis Company

#7 – Tangerine Bourbon Cannabis Spirits by Winterlife Cannabis [WA]

Why it’s unique: Don’t be fooled by the name. These cannabis spirits are flavored with real liqueur extracts designed to create cannabis infused, non-alcoholic drinks.
Best Suited for: Haters of hangovers. Lovers of liqueur.
Try it:  Mix with tonic water or seltzer on the rocks, or substitute for alcohol in your favorite drink recipes.

Take your spirit higher. Shop & sample Cannabis Spirits here.

Spotted Owl's Cannabis Spirits Tangerine Bourbon by Winterlife

Spotted Owl’s Cannabis Spirits Tangerine Bourbon by Winterlife Cannabis

#8 – Pot-Rox by CWD Edibles [CO]

Why it’s unique: Your favorite childhood carbonated candy, now in adult-use form! The Berry Blast flavor is hand-crafted and carefully dosed for quality and consistency, and is sure to knock your sox off.
Best suited for: Candy crushers.
Try it: Don’t mix it with soda. You won’t die, but you will burp a lot. No one wants that either.

Make life sweeter. Shop & sample Pot-Rocks here.

Pot-Rox by Colorado Wholesale Distribution

Pot-Rox by Colorado Wholesale Distribution

#9 – Granola (and Granola Bars) by Julie’s Natural Edibles [CO]

Why it’s unique: Coconut oil extraction gives Julie’s granola bars their groove. Coconut oil absorbs well in the body, so a  little goes a long way with this granola. Take your breakfast healthier and higher.
Best suited for: The sensible snackers. The modest munchers.
Try it with: Embrace your inner health-nut. Serve Julie’s granola with a healthy fat, such as yogurt, milk, or non-dairy substitute.

Don’t be nutty. Shop & sample Julie’s Natural Edibles here.Granola by Julie's Natural Edibles

Thanks for joining us for Day 2 of our 10-Day Countdown to 4/20! Tomorrow we will be breaking down what your favorite edibles say about you (and where you can shop and sample these delicious treats), so be sure to check it out.

*This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination & judgement. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery while under the influence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product. For use by adults 21 & over. Keep out of reach of children.