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7 Weirdly Wonderful Strain Names on LeafLink (and Who Grows Them)

It’s officially 4/20 week! As our brands and retailers are ramping up, LeafLink is counting down to the big day with its 7th installment of the 10-Day Countdown to 4/20.

As the wholesale marketplace for cannabis, we see a lot of curious strain names come across our desk. Below is a collection of some of the highlights, including the origin of the strain’s name, its characteristics, and which Washington grows are selling its flower on LeafLink.

1. Dragon Lady

What It’s Named For: Dragon Lady is a cross between Blue Dragon and Flo.

What It’s Not Named For… Your girlfriend’s morning breath.

Characteristics: Sweet, tropical, and fruity, this sativa-dominant hybrid is uplifting and promotes creativity. At Spectrum, Dragon Lady was gifted to its growers by Joanna McGee, the founder of The Green Cross, Seattle’s oldest medical marijuana collective in Washington state.

On LeafLink: Pre-Roll Joints, Small & Large Mylar Bags, or Glass Jars from Spectrum [WA]

Dragon Lady from Spectrum

Dragon Lady from Spectrum

2. Dirty Widow

What It’s Named For: A cross between Dirty Girl and White Widow.

What It’s Not Named For… A filthy spider.

Characteristics: Dirty Widow is a sativa-dominant hybrid and is euphoric, uplifting, and energizing. According to High Five Farms, its terpenes are “earthy, woody, and citrusy”.

On LeafLink: 1.1G Pre-Rolls from High Five Farms [WA]

Dirty Widow from High Five Farms

Dirty Widow from High Five Farms

3. Lodi Dodi

What It’s Named For: A song by Slick Rick, and later re-vamped by Snoop Dogg.

What It’s Not Named For… A member of the Lollipop Guild.

Characteristics: Lodi Dodi’s genetics are kept close to the vest, but Soulshine Cannabis says theirs is a cross between Trainwreck and Haze. Popular in Washington, this sativa-dominant hybrid is sweet and fruity, and makes you feel energized and creative – or as Soulshine says, “lifted & loose”.

On LeafLink: Jars, Boxes, or Pre-Rolls from Soulshine Cannabis [WA]

Lodi Dodi from Soulshine

Lodi Dodi from Soulshine

4. Fire Alien Urkle

What It’s Named For: This strain is OG Raskal’s cross of Purple Urkle and Fire Alien Kush, resulting in the zesty name and flavor of Fire Alien Urkle.

What It’s Not Named For… A space-themed episode of Family Matters.

Characteristics: The 85% indica-dominant hybrid is fruity in flavor and smells sweet and sour with notes of pineapple. It’s a relaxing and subtly euphoric.

On LeafLink: Reefer Pre-Rolls (Single, 2-Pack, or Sevens 7-Pack) from Reefer [WA]

Fire Alien Urkle Flower by Reefer

Fire Alien Urkle Flower by Reefer

5. Peaches & Diesel

What It’s Named For: The blend of Strawberry Cough and NYC Diesel creates a sweet, peachy flavor with diesel on the nose.

What It’s Not Named For… A married couple in a biker gang.

Characteristics: This 80% sativa strain gives you a “strong and alert high with uplifting effects” according to Sweetwater Farms.

On LeafLink: Pre-Rolls or Flower from Sweetwater Farms [WA]


Peaches & Diesel from Sweetwater Farms

6. Shark Bite

What It’s Named For: This strain was born from a combination of Great White Shark and Face Off OG. Sounds like the shark won in this face off.

What It’s Not Named For… Blake Lively’s fate in The Shallows.

Characteristics: Fruity and skunky, this 50/50 hybrid is part of Suncliff’s energetic line of products because it gives you a happy boost of relaxation along with a tingly body high.

On LeafLink: Packaged Flower from Suncliff [WA]

Shark Bite by Suncliff

Shark Bite by Suncliff

7. Cinex

What It’s Named For: Cinex is a cross of Cinderella 99 and Vortex.

What It’s Not Named For… Cinderella’s organic line of cleaning products that she started after marrying the Prince.

Characteristics: With notes of sweet or piney citrus and earthy skunk, this 60% sativa-dominant strain is ideal for a clear-headed high. According to Blacksmith Farms, this cross gives consumers a “positive mindset and creative energy”.

On LeafLink: Pre-Rolls, Bags, Budlet Bags & Trim Bags from Lopez & Orr and Flower from Blacksmith Farms [WA]

Cinex Flower from Blacksmith Farms

Cinex Flower from Blacksmith Farms

Tomorrow, on day 6 of the countdown, we’ll be getting skin-deep with a review of the transdermals & topicals to try on LeafLink.

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