Brands Apr 17, 2017

The 4 B’s of the Cannabeverage: Bold, Blissful, Bubbly & Boosting

There are only 4 days left to go in our 10-Day Countdown to 4/20! Today we celebrate our countdown to the best day of the year with cannabeverages.

On LeafLink’s wholesale marketplace, there are an abundance of cannabis infused drinks for purchase by retailers.

For today’s post, Team LeafLink has broken down the 4 “B’s” of the cannabeverages on LeafLink; beverages that are bold, blissful, bubbly, and boosting. Which cannabeverage is your favorite?

Read on to quench your thirst and get informed about the different cannabeverages currently sold on LeafLink Colorado, Washington, and Nevada!

#1 – The Bold: Cocktail mixers and potential popsicles – these cannabis-infused drinks have strong flavor profiles and will inspire creativity!

Lime Mojito Cocktail Spiker by Winterlife

Lime Mojito Cocktail Spiker by Winterlife

  1. Lime Mojito Cocktail Spiker by Winterlife [WA]: Winterlife’s Spikers are modeled after popular alcoholic cocktails, a fresh option in recreational imbibing. Mix the Spikers with Club Soda, or get creative with your pairings!
  2. Watermelon Nectar by CannaPunch [CO]: The complex and delicate flavor of watermelon is captured in every sip with CannaPunch. The colder this drink gets, the more bold the flavor profile. Try freezing this nectar for fun and delicious popsicles!
Watermelon Nectar (100mg) by CannaPunch

Watermelon Nectar (100mg) by CannaPunch

#2 The Bubbly: These carbonated drinks are as fizzy as they are fun.

Lemon Sparkling Water by Keef Cola

Lemon Sparkling Water by Keef Cola

  1. Keef Lemon Sparkling Water by Keef Cola [CO]: This ultra-refreshing cannabis-infused sparkling water has zero calories and zero sugars, in addition to 10mg THC per each 12oz bottle, making this bubbly drink as guilt-free as it is yummy!
  2. Pomegranate (Sativa) Sparkling Tonic by Mirth Provisions [WA]: Using real pomegranate juice & locally grown cannabis extract, this tonic will give you an uplifting, euphoric head high and a gentle body buzz.
  3. Cherry Limeade Elixir by Dixie Brands [CO & NV]: Deliciously juicy cherries and terrifically tart lime join with pure CO2 extracted THC for a dance party in your mouth. Get refreshed, relaxed, and ready for fun with 100mg THC.
Cherry Limeade Elixir by Dixie Elixirs

Cherry Limeade Elixir by Dixie Brands


#3 – The Boosting: Caffeine is the name of the game with these drinks, which relax as they energize! 

High Octane Boost (80mg) by Keef Cola

High Octane Boost (80mg) by Keef Cola

  1. High Octane Boost (80mg) by Keef Cola [CO]: This energy drink is a caffeinated, 4oz, non-carbonated drink shot, packed with B vitamins and sweetened with Agave Nectar. With 80mg THC, this energy drink is sure to give you a boost!
  2. ZootsBlast by ZOOTS [CO & WA]: ZootsBlast are cannabis-infused energy shots, with each 10mg shot containing 10mg THC and about 70mg caffeine (roughly a single shot of espresso). A dash of caffeine from guarana and yerba matte provides an energizing buzz. Natural B vitamins and quercetin sustain energy while creating a sense of calm. Enlighten your load and still get things done!
  3. Indica West Coast Roast Coffee by Brewbudz [NV]: Distributed in a 100% compostable, single-brew pod, this mixture of Arabica coffees was chosen for a bold, dark roast. The flower-based infusion used relaxing indica strains selected for terpene and cannabinoid content, delivering a “complete entourage effect.”
  4. The Coffee by Canyon [CO]: This all-natural, cannabis-infused bottled coffee is roasted locally. With 110mg of caffeine and 10mg of THC per serving, it provides the perfect balance of energy and medicine. Start your day right!
  5. Green Machine Powdered Drink Mix by Colorado Cannabis Co. [CO]: This drink mix is a complete green supplement packed with all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that our bodies desperately need. This blend contains mineral rich sea vegetables like dulse and bladderwrack for an extra kick. It’s truly the optimal daily dose of cannabinoids and nutrition for today’s busy life.
The Coffee by Canyon

The Coffee by Canyon

#4 – The Blissful: High CBD content in these beverages induces a relaxing feeling and calm.

Hibiscus CBD by Cannabis Quenchers

Hibiscus CBD by Cannabis Quencher

  1. CBD Hibiscus by Cannabis Quenchers [WA]: With 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD this balanced drink is as relaxing for your body as it is your mind.
  2. Cranberry CBD Sparkling Tonic by Mirth Provisions [WA]: THC and CBD are two potent cannabinoids which work together in this Peace Tonic to give you the euphoric buzz of THC combined with the clear-headed relaxation of CBD. Experience the combination of a gloriously powerful body high with a clear, anxiety-free head trip.
  3. 1:1 High CBD Black Currant Cosmopolitan by Winterlife [WA]: Bliss out with the high CBD content in this mixer, which is a sophisticated, alluring version of the famous Cosmo. Mix just like any alcohol cocktail mixer, or drink it straight as “Candy Shots!”

Cranberry CBD by Mirth

Cheers for joining us today in our exploration of LeafLink’s cannabeverages, and the continuation of our Countdown to 4/20! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, where we breakdown all things topicals, and happy sipping.