Brands Mar 12, 2019

3.20 Is the 4.20 For Wholesale – How Can Your Brand Prepare?

LeafLink 3.20

As the cannabis industry prepares for its busiest day for consumers, retailers must get ready by making sure their stores are fully stocked. The month leading up to 4.20 is one of the busiest months for wholesalers as retailers order for the rush. To help brands leverage the increased demand from retailers, LeafLink offers an opportunity for them to get in front of more purchasing managers by adding a “3.20 Deals” page to the platform where brands can feature their best deals and products.

Why 3.20?

Last year, U.S. retail cannabis sales exceeded $87 million on 4.20, according to MJ Freeway, up 61% from 2017. Additionally, retailers saw their customer traffic increase by 2.85 times the daily average. With an increase in consumer demand, there’s pressure for retailers to make sure their stores are fully stocked and prepared for the flood of traffic they see during this time.

On LeafLink, 3.20 is the peak wholesale purchasing day leading up to 4.20, and the start of a month of increased ordering. Retailers want to be able to offer the latest and greatest products at the best price to consumers, and in turn, are looking for new and popular products at a good price from vendors.  

Participate in 3.20 for a 31% Increase in Sales

To help you get more exposure during the busy season, we are celebrating 3.20 for the second year in a row with the 3.20 Deals Page, where brands can showcase exclusive deals to purchasing managers as they’re stocking up. Last year, over 70% of retailers on LeafLink visited the 3.20 Deals Page for their 4.20 purchasing needs.

You can select up to 3 products to feature on this page by applying a sales price of at least 5% off the wholesale price. These products will be featured on the 3.20 Deals Page, which goes live on 3.20 until 4.20.

During our last deals month, brands who participated by offering product discounts saw a 31% increase in sales and a 104% increase in sample requests. On top of that – there was an 81% lift in retailers reaching out to learn more about their brand and product. 

How to List Your Deals on LeafLink

  1. Choose the 3 products you want to feature on the 3.20 Deals Page. You can switch out products that you feature throughout the month. Go to the Edit Product page for the product you want to feature (Manage Menu > click on the product > Product Details > Edit)
  2. Set a Sale Price that is at least 5% off the regular Wholesale Price
  3. Check the Feature on LeafLink Deals Page box under the Product Visibility Settings
  4. Save the changes you made. An error message will appear if the product does not meet the criteria for a 3.20 deal

For additional help on adding deals to LeafLink review this article from our knowledge center.


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